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When it comes to structured data cable systems for your residential or commercial establishment, CJ Comms is the only connection you will need to connect to the world. Whether it’s the server at your corporate office, the closed-circuit television at your local corner store, or the internet access in your home, the flow of data is at the centre of modern life—providing productivity, security, and limitless capabilities. So that all these services may be ordinary to you, we take extraordinary care to establish quality systems with personalised attention to detail. Plug into the full potential of cutting-edge data systems with the services of CJ Comms— we’re hardwired for it. CJ Comms offers a full suite of data cabling installation services. This includes, but is not limited to, Category 5, 6, and 6A structured cabling solutions, access control solutions including certified installation of Gallagher and Paxton Access control systems, lightning-fast fibre optic wiring, and closed-circuit television systems. If your home or business has a need to manage the flow of digital information, CJ Comms has the solution. In addition to our standard services, we are also available for special requests should they arise and readily are able to put forward a proposal to meet your information technology needs. Good work starts with good management. The same goes for your data cable systems. At CJ Comms we pride ourselves on installations that not only get the job done, but do it beautifully. On our website, you can view for yourself examples of our past work. Chances are, after one of our installations you are going to wish that your wires were not locked up in the backroom. Well sheathed, loomed, bound, and routed cables don’t just look pretty either. Proper cable management makes for easy maintenance and troubleshooting should a problem arise, contributes towards a safe working or living environment, and ultimately serves to make your systems more efficient overall. It’s a difference in quality that you can observe with your own eyes. From the moment of your first inquiry to the final touches of installation, CJ Comms is dedicated to providing the best service available. All our engineers have nearly a decade of work experience, are fully certified by the Internal Powered Access Federation, and are capable of nearly any job. Inquiries and quotes are always free and carry no obligations with them. Should you decide to use our services for your data cable needs, clear and open lines of communication are a staple with every project to ensure that no question remains unanswered and no expectation is missed. Once the work is complete, we are continually available to follow-up if the need arises. Moreover, each project comes with detailed installation drawings, so that you have the ultimate transparency into your new structured cable systems. We ensure that all our work is given the complete attention that it deserves, from start to finish, so that you can rely on it. CJ Comms is about more than just cables. It’s your business, it’s your home, it’s unfettered access to information, and it’s peace of mind and security. Today a cable infrastructure is as vital a foundation as one of brick or concrete; without one it’s near impossible to build upon. Our systems provide services that allow you to leverage data to the best of its abilities. We put all our focus into our work, so that you can put all of your focus into yours.


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